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Custom tour luring you in? Here are a few ideas to explore below.
Please bear in mind many of these experiences require advanced booking so plan early!

Prices are approximations of what wineries usually charge for such an experience. Let us know what experiences you are interested in and we will handle the arrangements. All bookings are subject to availability.


sensory tour

Aromatherapy with a Corkscrew

Explore wine aromas suggestive of fruit character, barrel aging and terroir while tasting four estate grown wines. Exercise your sense of smell through a series of aroma identifications designed for you to discover how your personal sensory memory impacts how you recognize aromas. This interactive experience includes a mystery wine game and ultimately guides guests to develop a savvy for identifying more aromas in their glass which heightens the enjoyment of wine. This is a fantastic way to begin your visit to Napa Valley. Includes a cheese platter.

  • Please allow 90 minutes for this experience. Available by appointment.

  • $70 per person (approx.)

  • 24 hour advanced reservations required.


study of Pinot Noir

Delve into Pinot

Pinot Noir expresses the place it was grown to a degree that no other wine grape can. Experience how terrior influences the aromas and flavors of this delicate and popular varietal. Taste six Pinot Noirs from six distinct growing areas including Vineyards in Carneros, Sonoma Coast, Willamette Valley and Santa Barbara County. This is a semi-private, seated experience.

  • $50 per person

  • Offered daily at 10am, 1pm and 3pm

  • Reservations Required


farmhouse experience

Private Lunch with Chef-owner

Tucked into the hills above St. Helena this private farm to table lunch boast perfect wine pairings matched with exquisite cuisine. The farm to table lunch hits all the senses leaving you with a delightful experience like no other.

  • Available by appointment only

  • Typically books three weeks out

  • $175 per person


meet the vintner

Learn Direct from the Winemaker

Vintners are as unique as the Napa Valley wines they produce. Given that 95% of Napa Valley’s wineries are family owned and nearly 80% make less than 10,000 cases of wine per year, most wineries can be described as small, artisan producers. These vintners share a commitment to blending historical practices and achievement with an eye toward innovation, quality and prosperity for the Napa Valley.

cave tour

Explore the Underground

Take a journey into the earth, Napa Valley is home to many spectacular caves. Whether they are historic and hand dug in the 1880’s, often by Chinese immigrants. Or, many caves are new marvels of technology, dug by modern machinery in the last few decades. Some wineries’ caves extend for hundreds and hundreds of feet in curves, straight bores, or like spokes of a wheel. The cave provides natural temperature control for wine storage and host a unique tasting experience to enjoy wine.

Barrel room

blending experience

Wine Blending Seminar

Produce your own blend and bottle. This Experience provides guests a rare opportunity to learn about, taste, and blend wines from the many distinctive regions that make up Napa Valley — one of the most famous and diverse wine growing regions in the world. Better yet, we invite you to play winemaker for a day and take home the fruit of your labors — literally.

  • Reservations Required

  • Price approx.: $125 per person

  • (‘Barrel Blending Experience’ with an overview of Napa Valley AVAs by a wine educator, a guided barrel tasting, tips on blending techniques, a bottle of your own custom blend, and a tasting of current releases.)


grape stomp

Seasonal – Only During Harvest

You are invited to jump in a barrel of freshly picked grapes and stomp away just like the lovable Lucille Ball did in an episode of I Love Lucy!

Feet have been used to crush wine for thousands of years. Ancient Romans drank wine, and it is believed that they stomped their grapes back in 200 BC to extract the juice. It makes sense to use the weight of the body to press down on grapes – it is certainly less tiring than pressing down with hands, or turning a press. Plus, stomping can easily be a group activity, and a celebratory one at that; and the creation of wine is nothing if not cause for celebration.

You’ll create a unique keepsake by putting your grape-stained feet on a white “I stomped” t-shirt. All guests 21+ will also enjoy a glass of Grgich Hills Estate wine in a monogrammed GoVino wine glass that you can take home as a souvenir.

  • Usually available end of August to end of October; daily from 10 am – 4 pm.

  • Reservations required.

AVA Tasting

AVA Tasting Experience

Designated Area Cabernet Tasting

Cabernet Sauvignon Experience – A limited release appellation Cabernet Sauvignon Tasting. Cabernet Sauvignons will be presented from vineyards in Oakville, Rutherford, Mount Veeder, Howell Mountain, Atlas Peak, Spring Mountain or Diamond Mountain The wines in this experience are exclusive, small batch lots and the flight will vary depending on availability.

  • By appointment

  • $50 per person approx.

Grape Leaf in Rain

grape leaf study

Ampelography Master Class

Learn how to identify individual grape varieties by the distinctive attributes of their leaves. This is a unique experience developed by a world-renowned viticulturist and expert on Ampelography. After a brief tutorial paired with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc, test your knowledge in our Ampelography Vineyard with your wine educator. Once you’re able to match the leaf on the vine to the varietal in your glass, return to the gallery for more estate wines and perfectly paired small bites. Shoes appropriate for walking in the vineyard are recommended.

  • Please allow 60-90 minutes for this experience. Available by appointment.

  • $70 per person approx. for up to six guests. Prices vary for larger groups.

  • This class is available seasonally, from March 21st through November 21st.

  • 24 hour advanced reservations required.

couple walking into vineyard

vineyard tour

Want to experience a day in the life of a Vintner?

Join us for a unique look at two distinct vineyard sites and taste wines while standing in the soil they grew from. Our Vineyard Tour begins in our Downtown Napa Tasting Room with a splash of Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc. Once you’ve met your guide for the day, you’ll be driven to the first of our vineyard sites.

The “Church Vineyard” is a picturesque four acre plot planted with a historical clone of Sauvignon Blanc. We lease and custom farm this exceptional site that boasts a church originally built in the 1800’s in Pennsylvania. The church was relocated across the county and reassembled at its current location in 2001 as a private residence. We will discuss why the Carneros region is an ideal place to grow Sauvignon Blanc as well as some of the details of our farming practices.

Next, you will visit the “Twisted Oak” vineyard in the Oak Knoll District. Here, you will stand atop a hill and gaze from East to West, to find our Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon Vineyards. We will go into more detail and talk about varietals, clones, root stocks, trellising systems, and irrigation practices.

We return to our Downtown Tasting Lounge to enjoy our Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon in the plush comfort of the Reserve Room. This is the perfect ending to an amazing day.

  • Vineyard tours are available by appointment for $125 per person. A condensed version featuring the “Church Vineyard” is available for $75 per person.

  • Please allow 2.5 – 3 hours for the full vineyard tour and 1.5-2 hours for the condensed version.

Red Wines in glasses

5+5 tour

Five Bordeaux Varietals + Your Five Senses

Take your wine knowledge from enthusiast to expert with this exciting exploration of the five classic red Bordeaux varietals. Taste Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Malbec and Petit Verdot in a guided tasting designed to engage each of your senses to heighten your tasting experience. Once you learn how to harness all five senses to aid in identifying the delicate differences in each varietal, you will be treat to specially paired small bites that will enhance the unique characteristics of each wine.

  • Please allow 60 minutes for your experience. Available by appointment.

  • $55 per person for up to six guests. Prices vary for larger groups.

  • 24 hour advanced reservations required.

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